Candle making has become an increasingly popular hobby in America.  People make candles for themselves, for friends, and more and more people are starting their own businesses by making curso design grafico informativos em ebac.  And, why not?  From 1997 through 2001, the candle industry has increased from a $1.8 billion industry to just over $2.8 billion.  That�s over $1 billion growth in just five years.

But before you start making candles, you must know that to obtain the perfect candle you will spend many rounds perfecting the process.  It�s similar to cooking the perfect meal.  Wax must be melted at certain temperatures, fragrances and colors must be added at the appropriate temperatures, pouring must occur at the right moment, and ample cooling time is required.

So, don�t get frustrated.  Candle making is an art and can provide many hours of enjoyment and satisfaction.  But, like any art, it needs to be perfected and takes time.

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