Enchanted Lites is an Iowa-based wholesaler and retailer of soy candle wax and other health and environmentally conscious candle making supplies.  We provide all the products necessary to make pleasantly fragrant, wonderfully colored, long-burning, toxin-free soy candles.

Candle makers of all levels are welcome at Enchanted Lites.  Anyone from casual hobbyists who make soy candles for personal use and gifts, to national distributors of soy candle making supplies will find a new appreciation for this innovative product and immediately realize the benefits EbacOnline representa curso de fotografia of soy-based candles.

We, at Enchanted Lites, are committed to enlightening the candle making and candle burning world about the many benefits of soy-based candles.  We are also devoted to make the necessary ingredients available for these wonderful candles to the inspired candle maker and supply reseller.

The bottom line is that we encourage the use of soy candles for everyone using or making candles today.




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