Fragrance Descriptions


Almost Paradise ~ You’ll feel like you’re in a paradise flowing with sweet Strawberries, Raspberries, and red Currants. Freshly picked Ylang, warm Vanilla, and Ginger linger in the air.

Almond ~ Sweet nutty powdery Honey and Citrus.

Almond, Milk & Honey ~ Sweet Honey and Milk with an Almond base.

Aloe & Vera ~ A soothing blend of Aloe, Cucumber, herbal Tea leaves with a splash of Citrus.

Amaretto ~ Sweet Juicy Berry, Pineapple and Cherry.

Angel Amaretto ~ For those with a heavenly sweet tooth: Nutty Almond Cherries with plenty of Vanilla.

Apple, Cider & Spiced Rum ~ This drink like aroma will warm your senses with top notes of Citrus, Bergamot and fruity Melon mid notes of Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Caribbean Spices and base notes of sweet Vanilla and woody Musk.

Apple, Maple-Bourbon ~ A delectable blend of Maple Syrup, juicy Green Apples, creamy Vanilla and butter, With a soft Musk base.

Apple Spice ~ Granny Smith Apple with Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg.

Baby Powder ~ Soft powdery notes of Moroccan Jasmine and Russian Rose. Smells like Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

Bamboo & Green Tea ~ Bottom notes of Sandalwood and a hint of Patchouli blend, mid notes of Osmanthus, Muguet, fresh Peach and green stems, light top notes of Lemon zest and Beramot.

Banana ~ Ripe Banana accented with Vanilla and Kiwi.

Banana Nut Bread ~ Nut, Ginger, Nutmeg, Bread, Banana and Ginger.

Bayberry ~ Fresh cool Fir, Bay leaves, Forest Woods, and spicy Musk.

Bergamot ~ Italian Bergamot with notes of Spanish Petigrain and Sage.

Berry Blaster ~ A very Berry blend of Blueberry and Raspberry topped off with Cherry.

Blackberry ~ Sweet ripe Blackberry with cassis and damask Rose notes.

Black Cherry ~ Sweet Berry, Grape, sharp and creamy.

Blueberry ~ Juicy sharp sweet Berries, hints of Pear, Peach and fuzzy Apricot.

Blue Bayou ~ A burst of fresh orange valencia and fir needles leads to a heart of lavender, pine rose and lilac.  The base is a woodsy blend of patchouli, cedar and vanilla. Top notes: orange, fir needle. Middle: lavender, pine, rose, lilac. Base: patchouli, cedar, vanilla.

Bonsai Tree ~ Top notes of Sage, Lemon and Bergamot. Middle notes of Jasmine, Bois de Rose, Geranium, Lavender and white Cedar Base notes of Heliotrope, Amber, Birch and Musk.

Brambleberry Ivy ~ Fruity strawberry, peach, green melon, ozone, jasmine, rose, and vanilla.

Breezy Meadow ~ A beautiful combination of florals with a tint of fresh mown grass.

Buttercream ~ Creamy, buttery, fruity Berry with a hint of Chocolate.

Butterscotch ~ Sweet Butterscotch blended with Madagascar Vanilla.

Buttered Rum ~ Sharp, sweet Wild Berries and creamy Butterscotch.

By the Sea ~ This fragrance captures the essence of fresh sea air and the unique qualities of the sea shore. Top invigorating notes of fresh Ozone Floral and Citrus. The heart of the fragrance consists of Jasmine, Rose, Spice and Camphor. Alight lingering sweet Musk form the base notes.

Cake Bake ~ Vanilla and sweet Cake.

Candy Cane ~ A classic Candy Cane. A hint of Citrus top notes and a lingering Camphor at the heart of the fragrance. Base notes of Cornmint, Peppermint, Powder and Vanilla.

Caramel ~ Smells just like homemade Caramel.

Caramel Apple II ~ A Granny Smith apple covered with sweet caramel.

Caramel Vanilla ~ Sweet creamy smooth Vanilla with milky Coconut and Caramel.

Cedar & Balsam ~ A Woodland blend with top notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot, middle notes of Osmanthus and Violet and is dominated by base notes of Evergreen, Patchouli, Sandalwood and creamy Vanilla.

Celestial Water ~ A delightful mix of fruits and floral. Top notes of fresh ozone, ripe Strawberry, Blueberry, sweet Pineapple, Raspberry, and Muguet. Middle notes form a delicate floral bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Narcissus and Camphor. The fragrance is completed with Powder and Musk at the base.

Chai Latte ~ Top notes: orange, cinnamon and clove Middle notes:  chamomile, sage, jasmine, tea leaves and mint  Base notes:  caramel, vanilla and milk.

Chardonnay ~ A fruity wine bouquet with top notes of raspberry, peach and strawberry. The heart blends fresh melon, dry green apple and rose.  The base is a woody violet musk.

Cherry ~ Sweet juicy Huckleberry, Raspberry, Pear, Peach, Grape, spicy Cinnamon and Clove.

Cherry Almond ~ Sweet nutty Berry, spicy Clove with fruity Grape and Apple.

Chocolate ~ Sweet Milk Chocolate with Vanilla and Cream.

Cinnamon ~ Spicy Cinnamon with Clove. very nutty and creamy.

Cinnamon Bayberry ~ A warm, rich and sweet fragrance. The opening notes capture the essence of freshly ripened fruity notes of apple, peach and cherry almond. The warm heart blends jasmine with cinnamon, clove, juniper and bay. The background is sweetened with light vanilla, patchouli and fir balsam accents.

Cinnamon Bun ~ Buttery, cinnamon, clove, with baked sugary vanilla coconut.

Cinnabuns ~ A blend of Cinnamon. creamy Vanilla smells like Grandma’s kitchen. One of our best sellers.

Cinnamon Spice ~ Sharp spicy Cinnamon with Nutmeg. Sweet and creamy.

Cinnamon Stick ~ A cinnamon delight. Top notes of sugary sweetness with red hot cinnamon mid notes. The fragrance is completed with warm woody, clove base notes.

Citrus ~ A blend of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit and Bergamot accented with Pineapple and Coconut.

Citrus & Balsam ~ An exquisite blend of Fruits and Pine. Top notes of wild Berries and Mandarin, mid notes of ripe Apple, Cinnamon, Clove and Pineapple and accented with base notes of light Musk and Evergreen.

Clove ~ Clove with creamy sweet Vanilla and spicy Cinnamon.

Clove Pomander ~ A blend of Fruit Slices, Cinnamon Stick and Nutcracker.

Cloved Cranberry ~ Sweet fruity plums simmered with spice and sprinkled with a sugared glaze.  An exceptionally fruity blend of cassis, fig and plum touched by zesty lemon and sweetened with honey

Coconut ~ Coconut meat combined with hints of Peach and Mango.

Coffee ~ Fresh brewed Peruvian Coffee with a shot of Cream.

Coffee Cake ~ Creamy Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and sweet Coconut.

Cotton Candy ~ Sweet fruity blend of Apples, Berries and Sugar.

Cranberry ~ Tart Cranberry blended with a hint of Mexican Lime.

Cranberry Clove ~ Sweet fruity plums simmered with spice and sprinkled with a sugared glaze.  An exceptionally fruity blend of cassis, fig and plum touched by zesty lemon and sweetened with honey.

Cranberry Craze ~ A blend of Cranberry, Holiday Memories with a touch of Cinnamon added.

Cranberry Sangria ~ A blend of Cranberry, Amaretto, Raspberry, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Crème Brule ~ A delicious and mouth watering recreation of the desert by the same name. It consists of Milk, Eggs, fresh Cream and caramelized Sugar over a foundation of sweet, creamy Vanilla.

Cucumber Melon ~ Ripe Honeydew Melon and Cucumber with a touch of Watermelon and Iris.

Cucumber Melon Mint~ This minty green combo is cool and refreshing. Top notes of green Cucumbers and ripe melons, blending with mild notes of Peppermint and Rose. Base notes of Lily and Ozone complete this fresh mixture.

Dewey Rose ~ The smell of a fresh rose from the vine soft & sweet, without the thorns. Includes top notes of Rose, mid notes of cool Ozone with dewey green nuances with a fresh Balsam base.

Downy Mountain Spring ~ A blend of fresh Lime, Anise, and fruity combinations of Raspberry, Tangerine, Peach and Apple with Clove, Muguet, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Rose and Ylang and base of Musk and amber vanilla.

Drakkar ~ A soothing blend of Bergamot, Artemisia, Rosemary, Cardamom with a subtle hint of lemon and greens.

Dreamsicle ~ A rich blend of creamy Orange and juicy Citrus.

Egg Nog ~ Buttery, creamy, sweet and spicy Nutmeg.

Egyptian Musk ~ The top is a floral lily bouquet.  The heart a rich wild violet.  The base is exotic sandalwood and Egyptian musk.

Essence of Nature ~ A clear and sensual fragrance based on top notes of Anise Seed and Ivy, middle notes of Violet Flowers and Iris, and base notes of Vanilla, Praline, Vetiver and Musk.

Eucalyptus ~ Fresh green, leafy powdery Rose.

Eucalyptus Lavender ~ A refreshing, modern blend of lavender with a variety of fresh florals and warm spice notes. In the opening accord, bright citrus notes create a dynamic counterpoint to clove, rosemary and eucalyptus. The heart notes are an alluring blend of lavender, jasmine, rose and geranium. The dry down is warm and inviting, a sensuous blend of patchouli and sweet woody lavender.

Evergreen ~ A mixture of Cedarleaf, Pine, Cedarwood, Mint, Bergamot, Clove, Fir Needle and Leafy Green.

First Bloom ~ Beautiful Rose, Jasmine and Lilac blended with Peach and Coconut. Base notes of sheer Musk and Sandalwood.

Flower Bouquet ~ A fragrant combination of Lilac, Rose and Honeysuckle.

Frankincense ~ A rich frankincense composition containing essential oils of labdanum, opoponax  and patchouli with a sparkling lift from orange oil.

Freesia ~ A nice fresh and light fragrance of Freesia flowers.

French Vanilla ~ Sweet creamy Vanilla and Barbados rum.

Fresh Linen ~ Crisp and clean! Warm summer sunshine combines with select Floral and Citrus.

Fruit Slices ~ An array of citrus fruits coated with sweet sugar crystals. The top is a fruity citrus with strawberries, grapefruit and orange tangerine.  The heart blends plums, black currant and green apple.  The dry is a fresh white violet, raspberry vanilla and soft sandalwood. Top: grapefruit, tangerine, apple Middle; berries, citrus, plum, greens, violet Base: raspberry, vanilla, sandalwood.

Fudge Brownie ~ Creamy smooth vanilla, sweet chocolate and nutty, macadamia.

Gardenia ~ Green leafy Jasmine with Tuberose, Clove and Sandalwood.

Ginger ~ A Spicy blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Citrus, Bergamot and Nutmeg.

Gingerbread ~ Fresh baked bread with Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove and Butter notes.

Gingko Biloba ~ The top note is a rich combination of carnation & ylang with touches of green foliage. The heart is an exotic blend of jasmine, tuberose, spice, honeysuckle & rose. The base is a rich long lasting rain musk.

Ginseng Root ~ This intriguing woody floral bouquet begins with orange Valencia, star anise & seductive red wine. The heart is exotic tuberose, Italian jasmine, lotus flower & sweet hibiscus. The dry is a woody bouquet. Top: orange, anise, fruity wine Middle: tuberose, jasmine, lotus flower, hibiscus. Base: woody

Grape ~ A blend of Berries with Woody and Fruit notes. A true Grape from the vine fragrance.

Grapefruit ~ A blend of sweet Citrus and tart Grapefruit.

Grapefruit Mint ~ Top Notes: Grapefruit zest, orange, peach, bergamot, spearmint, Peppermint Middle Notes: Jasmine, eucalyptus Bottom Notes: Musk

Green Apple ~ A Juicy, fruity Tart Green Apple Peel.

Green Tea ~ A refreshing blend of Green Tea, Clary Sage, Clove and Egyptian Geranium.

Green Tea & Ginger ~ Tops notes of Green Tea, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lemon, Orange and a mixed berry note. Middle notes of Ginger, Clove, jasmine, Rose and Herbal Tea with a Honey sweet base.

Harvest ~ Create a trip back to Grandma’s kitchen with this spicy blend of Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and warm Vanilla.

Hazelnut ~ A spicy blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and warm vanilla.

Hazelnut Coffee ~ A wonderful blend of Coffee and Vanilla with Nutty notes of Bread and Honey.

Heather ~ A minty blend of cool fresh cut flowers (Jasmine, rose, carnations, lily) and musky green leaf.

Heaven ~ A green citrus floral fragrance that will leave you feeling fresh and clean, like a wispy cloud in the sky.

Holiday Memories ~ Warm Cinnamon blended with Peach, Banana, Pineapple and Clove.

Honey Almond ~ A smooth milk and honey with sweet roasted almonds.

Honeydew ~ A combination of Honeydew Melon, Leafy Green, Vanilla, Raspberry, Rose and Spice.

Honeysuckle ~ Warm Jasmine with notes of Lily, Rose, Spicy, Clove and sweet Citrus.

Hot Apple Cider ~  Fruity, Spice, Camphor.  Fruity Apple, Cassia, and a touch of green melon mixed with cinnamon and clove spice sweetened with vanilla and harmonized with a dash of herbal eucalyptus. 

Hot Apple Strudel ~ A blend of Cameo Apple, Cinnamon, Clove and Allspice with warm sweet baked notes. This is the perfect Apple Pie.

Hot Mulled Cider ~ Sweet Winesap Apple Cider with a warm blend of Cinnamon, Cloves and other spices.

Huckleberry ~ A blend of sweet juicy Raspberry and Blueberry with Hints of Apple, Pear and Peach.

Hyacinth ~

Hydrangea ~ Floral notes of Lily, Ylang and rose combined with citrus lemon, bergamot, and orange warmed with sandal, cedar and Benzoin Siam woods.

Indian Sandalwood ~ Non dominant top notes of orange and grapefruit blended with mid notes of violet, geranium, rose, cinnamon and clove. These are enhanced by bottom notes of light musk, sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli. This blend creates a smooth and sensual scent.

Irish Cream ~ A combination of Cream, Milk and sweet honey.

Island Fruits & Blooms ~ A passionate blend of fruits and flowers includes sweet top notes of Mandarin and Pomegranate green and floral mid notes of Jasmine, Violet, Geranium and Rose with warm Vanilla, Amber, Musk base notes giving you that Island fantasy feel.

Island Mango ~ An exquisite blend of fruits and flowers. Top notes of Mango, Peach, Orange, Grapefruit, Cassis, Pineapple, and Coconut. Mid notes of Jasmine, Cyclamen, Rose and Lily, with a Musk base.

Jasmine ~ A blend of Jasmine, Orange and Petitgrain, with green Rose and Clove Leaf.

Jasmine Paradise ~ Cherry blossom accented with leafy greens with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang and base of exotic Woods and silky Musks.

Juniper Breeze ~ A nice airy floral with fruity and green notes.

Juniper & Freesia ~ A blend of Juniper and Freesia. A very light and fresh aroma.

Kiwi ~ A blend of sweet, juicy Pear with hints of Peach, Melon and Apple.

Kiwi Banana ~ Zesty, green melon with notes of sweet, creamy bananas.

Lavender ~ A true Lavender with notes of Thyme, Musk, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Mint.

Lavender Sage ~ A fresh, cool blend of minty Lavender Leaves, Bergamot, Rosewood Water and Nutty Sage.

Lemon ~ A blend of Tart Fresh Lemons with juicy, sweet Citrus.

Lemon Cheesecake ~ This is absolutely a delicious smelling blend of Vanilla, Cream Cheese with Bergamot and Lemon.

Lemongrass ~ Fresh cut Lemongrass blended with Java Citronella. A very sweet refreshing aroma.

Lilac ~ This smells like a freshly picked bouquet of Lilac blossoms with notes of Ylang, Heliotrope, Jasmine and Rose.

Lily of the Valley ~ A true to its name beautiful floral. This soft and delicate composition features predominate lily of the valley mingled with butterfly Violets, Jasmine, Rose, Hyacinth and Gardenia. Long lasting musky notes make it perfect.

Lime ~ Fresh, sweet Citrus with tart, sour Lime.

Lime Spritzer ~ A sparkling fresh lime scent. Top notes of fresh floral, ozone, lime and apple. Mid notes of eucalyptus, lilac, and gardenia. Base notes of coconut, powder and vanilla.

Love Spell ~ Victoria Secret type fragrance! A fresh blend of citrus, grape and orange, with floral of rose, violet and jasmine and base notes of musk, amber and vanilla.

MacIntosh Apple ~ A sweet, juicy McIntosh Apple with a slight tart tang.

Magnolia ~ A green, spicy, floral bouquet of jasmine, orange flower and lily with musky Cedar wood.

Mango ~ A blend of Mango and sweet Coconut.

Maple Syrup ~ A blend of sweet caramel, smooth maple and sugar.

Mediterranean Sea ~ A light watery fragrance inspired by warm tropical breezes and shiny blue Mediterranean skies.

Merlot ~ A mouth puckering wine bouquet with wild grape, strawberry stems and a hint of spice.

Mint ~ A refreshing blend of Peppermint leaf, Corn mint and Spearmint.

Mint Julep ~ A brisk blend of crisp peppermint, spearmint and fresh orange enhanced by mid tones of herbaceous eucalyptus and fresh lavender. Cooling menthol underneath completes the invigorating effect.

Mistletoe ~ Pine needle, Fir, Balsam and Cedar leaf combine in this clean smelling fragrance. Citrus and Clove top notes add a warm and uplifting ambiance. A must for the holiday seasons.

Monkey Fart ~ A blend of Tangerine, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Green Apple, Plum, Sandalwood, white Violet, Vanilla and yummy Bubble Gum.

Mossberry ~ Fresh picked Raspberry blended with Oak Moss, Lavender, Italian Bergamot and Indian Patchouli.

Mountain Retreat ~ Fir tree, Cinnamon, Spices and sweet Berries accented with Amber, Wood and Musk notes.

Mulberry ~ Tart Mulberry sweetened with Raspberry and Madagascar Vanilla.

Mulberry Cream ~ A blend of Mulberry, Amaretto and Vanilla.

Musk ~ Woody Mahogany and Sandalwood with notes of a creamy and musky Patchouli.

Nutcracker ~ A buttery blend of Nutmeg, Ginger, and Cinnamon with added accents of Orange peel.

Nutmeg ~ Nutty sweet dough with spicy clove and cinnamon.

Oatmeal Cookie ~ A combination of Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and rolled Oats, just like Grandma always makes.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey ~ A perfect blend of Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.

Ocean ~ A fresh cool Sea Mist with hints of Fir, Jasmine, Rose, Lily, Muguet and Moss.

Orange ~ Sweet and juicy Orange with a hint of tart Citrus.

Orange Blossom ~ A fragrance that makes you imagine you are in the middle of an orange orchard.

Orange Spice ~ Orange peels spiced with fresh Cinnamon and Mexican Vanilla.

Orange Vanilla ~ A blend of juicy Oranges covered with rich Vanilla.

Orchid ~ Tropical Orchid blended with Russian Rose, Heliotrope and Moroccan Jasmine.

Papaya ~ Tropical fruit with zesty and juicy Citrus.

Papaya Clafouti ~ Tropical papaya is accented by luscious Passion Fruit, dewy greens and Vanilla sugar sweetness.

Patchouli ~ Indian Patchouli accented with notes of Cedarwood, Canadian Fir Needle and Mysore Sandalwood.

Peach ~ Leafy Green, fruity ripe Peaches with hints of Jasmine and musky Orange.

Peaches n Whipped Cream ~ Fresh Peaches with Butter cream notes.

Pear ~ A true fragrance of freshly picked ripe Pear with hints of Peach, Berries and Apple.

Pearberry ~ Green, Berry, Woody, Musk, Apple, Pear

Pecan Pie ~ This decadent southern treat combines the baked goodness of a sweet sugary confectionary with delicious caramelized pecans supported by a buttery pie crust.

Peppermint ~ A blend of Fresh Mint and cool Wintergreen.

Pina Colada ~ Fresh Coconut and Sweet Cream with Pineapple and Orange Juice.

Pineapple ~ A perfect slice of fresh, sweet Pineapple.

Plumeria ~ An exotic combination of Plumeria with tiny notes of Berries, Clove Leaf, Jasmine, Rose and Musk.

Pomegranate ~ Ripe Pomegranate with Italian Bergamot, Tropical Mango and Peach.

Pomegranate Spice ~ Rich Pomegranate, juicy Pear, white Rose and Mango with a base of Raspberry bark, Musk and White Woods

Popcorn ~ You will think you are at the Cinema with a fresh popped box of buttered popcorn.

Pumpkin Pie ~ Fresh baked Pumpkin Pie baked with Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg and Ginger.

Pumpkin Thyme ~ A Pumpkin custard with notes of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger.

Rain ~ Light fresh notes of fresh Rain and a hint of crisp green Ozone and Lily of the Valley.

Raspberry ~ A true Raspberry with hints of Blueberry, sweet, Pear, Peach and Apple.

Raspberry Lemonade ~ Sun ripened Raspberries combined with tangy, fresh squeezed Lemons. A zesty and tangy aroma.

Red Poppies ~ A Poppy blossom with a hint of soothing Spice.

Rose ~ a true Rose with notes of Geranium, Spicy Clove and a hint of Lily.

Rosemary ~ Fresh picked Rosemary and Australian Eucalyptus.

Sage ~ Dalmatian Sage and Australian Eucalyptus with Spanish Rosemary.

Sandalwood ~ Woody Mahogany, Sandalwood with tones of Musk and Vetiver.

Sandalwood Amber ~ Sandalwood and Amber with an exotic blend of spices. A very rich and soothing fragrance.

Sex on the Beach ~ Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Lime, Rum, Cranberry, Amaretto

Smokeout ~ A breath of fresh air.

Snickerdoodle ~ A blend of Cinnamon, Vanilla, Dough, Cherry and Sugar which will remind you of a Snickers candy bar.

South Beach ~ Clean & fresh ozone top notes with nuances of orange & lime. Floral notes of rose, ylang and a touch of green floral & woody add body while musk provides longevity.

Southern Jasmine ~ A blend of White Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Damascus Rose and Precious Woods.

Spearmint ~ Fresh, cool Spearmint with a hint of smooth Wintergreen.

Spice ~ Siberian Fir Needle, Italian Bergamot and clean wood notes accented with Thyme and Mace.

Star Fruit~ Papaya and Orange with a squeeze of fresh Peach and Pineapple.

Starry Nights ~ The top is a woody citrus blend of bergamot, cedarwood and orange blossom.  The heart combines lily, chamomile, labdanum, ylang, patchouli, violet and spicy clove.  The base is sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk.

Stormy Nights ~ Dark blue skies on a hot summer eve. The air is laden with White Lilies, Lavender and a bit of spicy Clove. Base notes of Amber, Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli mingle with Vanilla and silken Musk.

Strawberry ~ A true sweet Strawberry.

Strawberry & Cream ~ A luscious mixture of strawberries blended with fresh cream.

Sugar Cookie (buttery) ~ The sweet sugary aroma of just baked cookies.

Sugared Spruce ~ A white Spruce tree.

Sunflower ~ A combination of fresh Jasmine, Lily, Rose, Cyclamen, Clove, sweet Honey, Violet and Moss.

Sweet Coconut ~ a classic Coconut fragrance. Top notes of fragrant Strawberry and fresh Orange. Nuances of Lilac at the heart of the fragrance. Completed with rich Coconut and Powder notes at the base.

Sweet Pea ~ Sweet Pea blossoms blended with Hyacinth, Purple Lilac and white Musk.

Sweet Woods ~A joyous fragrance, spilling over with sweet vanilla, ripe fruits and rich florals. On top, a fruity melange of citrus, pineapple, apple, peach and a touch of fresh pine. The heart is a beautiful floral bouquet of jasmine, lily, hyacinth and geranium blended with soft and slightly spicy notes of nutmeg, balsam and cinnamon. The dry down is woody, rich with sandalwood, labdanum, patchouli, vanilla and musk.

Tangerine ~ Zesty citrus and citrus peel for a juicy, tart aroma.

Toasted Hazelnut ~ A rich blend of toasted Hazelnut with creamy Vanilla, a touch of Maple and laced with robust espresso.

Tranquility ~ This exotic floral fragrance is a creative mix of rich floral and woody musk base notes. Top notes of fresh ozone floral, muguet and sparkling citrus. A beautiful floral bouquet creates the heart of the fragrance, with notes of rose, jasmine, violet and lilac. A complex base of lasting patchouli, amber, cedar wood, powdery vanilla and musk complete this fragrance with nuances of licorice and spice.

Tutti Fruitti ~ Juicy, sweet, and fruity bubble gum.

Twigs O'Spruce ~ A mixture of green fern, Spruce, Fir Pine needle and Clove with a base of Cedarwood, Musk and sensual Amber.

Vanilla ~ Madagascar Vanilla with a hint of Butter, Chocolate and Cream.

Vanilla Coffee ~ A sweet creamy vanilla with a touch of butter and dash of fruit combined with heady dark roasted coffee Beans. 

Victorian Christmas ~ High mountain fresh Evergreens with an added touch of sophistication that includes Cinnamon, Clove and other warm Spices.

Victorian Lace ~ A blend florals and sweet Musk with woodsy notes.

Violet Blossom ~ Blending floral and sweet, this fragrance is sensual and yummy! Top notes combine floral, leafy greens and sweet melon; mid hearty tones of Violet, Iris, Jasmine and Rose all layered upon a base note of woody Musk.

Watermelon ~ Juicy mouth watering sweet Watermelon.

White Tea & Ginger ~ A blend of soft White Tea leaves, Citrus, and Ginger.

White Zinfadel ~ Top blends sweet peaches, melon and fruity jasmine.  The heart blooms with lily and kisses of pineapple.  The base is a woody musk.

Wild Cherry ~ A Sweet maraschino Cherry.

Wild Oak Rose ~ A blend of true Rose with woodsy under tones. Not a perfumey fragrance.

Winter Mint ~  Fresh cool peppermint combined with herbal eucalyptus mixed with refreshing lavender, a touch of rose and  sweetened with buttery vanilla.

Wisteria ~ Blue Wisteria with Damask Rose, night blooming Jasmine, soft notes of Patchouli and Italian Bergamot.

Woods & Wildflowers ~ A sophisticated and elegant fragrance opening with fresh bergamot blended into a heart of clean, fresh florals and warm spicy notes of clove and nutmeg. In the base, cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli and musk add depth and sensuality.

Ylang ~ Comores Ylang blended with exotic spices, Tuberose and Cananga.





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