Modifier/All Vegetable



1 Pound

5 Pounds

50 Pounds






Will lessen frosting and give smoother curso ilustração em Ebac.Online..

Instructions: Add to container wax beads at 3-5% (by weight) before heating. Heat wax and modifier to 160 degrees minimum - 180 degrees maximum, remove heat source and add fragrance and color (if desired), stir thoroughly and intermittently while cooling and pour at 115-120 degrees. Percentages will vary depending on fragrance oil and color combination.


UV  Inhibitor (2 oz)

UV  Inhibitor (4 oz)

UV  Inhibitor (8 oz)




Slows frosting due to light. Use at .02%...for 1/2 pound of wax you use .454 grams.. so a little goes a long way.. this contains both A & B UV inhibitors...




Stearic Acid (1 lb)


Stearic Acid (5 lb)






Use at 2-3%.. Helps votive wax to hold more fragrance.. you may need to use a larger wick if you use more than 2-3% as stearic will make votive wax harder. If you add this container wax, it will make the wax harder, and more difficult to burn.




Cotton Seed         (1 pound)


Helps container wax to slow frosting of colors

Cotton Seed         (50 pounds)


Helps container wax to slow frosting of colors





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