Our Fragrance Oils are manufactured for use in Soy Wax using a synthetic carrier with naturally occurring aromas.  Check each fragrance page to see which are recommended for bath and body products.  Our fragrances meet all requirements of California Proposition 65.

The Enchanted Lites line of fragrance oils will transport you to other worlds.  Simply add your aroma of choice and let the scent take you away.  We have a full line of flavors including aromas from the kitchen and orchard to the likes of floral and holiday scents.  We also have some miscellaneous fragrances not to be overlooked.

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Fragrance Oil Q&A

  • How much fragrance should I use?  We recommend 7% by weight.
  • 7% = 1 pound of wax and 1.20 ounces of fragrance oil.
  • Are the fragrance oils completely natural?  It depends on the fragrance.  The carrier oils and aromas are derived from nature-identical ingredients.
  • Can your oils be used in lotions and soaps?  Check each fragrance.
  • Why does the fragrance bleed through the wax?  The fragrance concentration is too high or the fragrance is not formulated for soy wax.
  • At what temperature should fragrance be added to the wax?  Preferably around 175 degrees F.
  • Do I need to preheat the fragrance oil before adding it to the wax?  No.
  • Can essential oils be used with soy wax?  Yes.
  • Can I mix different fragrances to achieve different aromas?  Yes





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