Wish List

Book scanner – starting at $10,000
Many of our materials are too delicate to copy on a traditional copier. A book scanner would be helpful to our researchers, and would also provide the first step toward digitizing some of our collection.

Flat file storage – $1,200 – $3,500

We have numbers of large photographs, deeds, maps, blueprints, and other materials that should be stored in flat file drawers (for preservation as well as improved access to the items).

Microfilm reader and printer – $7,000

Currently the archive does not have a functioning microfilm reader. Improved microfilm equipment will allow us to promote our microfilm collection.

Shelving – starting at $10,000
The shelving currently used to store archival boxes is unstable and unable to carry the weight of the materials. Proper archival shelves are needed to safely house the collection.

Stipends for interns – $6,000

Internships would be offered on a semester-by-semester basis (approx. 15 weeks) for a maximum of 10 hours a week.

UV-Filtering Film for Windows – $1,000

The main archives room has a large bank of windows, which allows light into the room despite the use of curtains. UV-filtering film will help block damaging UV light from affecting the collection.

Website redesign – starting at $1,500

Our website offers basic information about ERHS, but does not provide easy access of vital details, like the contents of our church record groups and manuscript collections, to potential researchers.